Guest Staff



On this page you will find the names of our Event Director, Contest Coordinator, Scoring Event DJ, Judge and other Staff. These people helping running the Benelux Championships 2021.
We like to thank them all for supporting our Event.

Clive Eaton - Stevens England Contest Coordinator
Paul Stoddard USA Scoring
Tommy Weafer Ireland Event DJ
An Ji Won Korea Judge
Ann Cunningham Ireland Judge
Yvonne Dunn England Judge
Steve Dunn England Judge
Stephanie Smeers Belgium Judge
Shaun Parr Belgium Judge
Roy Hadisubroto Ireland Judge
Audrey Gendre France Judge
Siobhan Dunn Backstrom Doha Judge
Linus Dunn Backstrom Doha Judge
Jeremie Tridon France Judge
Roy Hoeben Netherlands Judge
Giovanni Coenmans Netherlands Staff Member
Julia Spaargaren Netherlands Staff Member
Nancy Veltkamp Netherlands Staff Member
Louis van Hattem Netherlands Event Director